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Do you own a printer? Would you like an alternative to just throwing away your cartridges? We are accepting used inkjet, laser, and copier cartridges. You can bring your cartridges to one of the public drop boxes or you can contact us to pick them up.
If you have other technology items to be recycled, we will try to make arrangements for their recycling on your behalf.

Currently Seeking Locations

    We would like to extend our appreciation to our partner organizations for being environmentally responsible and recycling their cartridges with us.

      If you would like to provide space for a drop-off box at your business, have cartridges you would like picked up, or if you are a company interested in a longer-term recycling arrangement, Contact us today.

      Electronics Recycling
      We now offer complete electronics recycling. We will take your electronics, securely destroy any data that may be left on the device and then ensure their safe and secure destruction in a domestic licensed facility.

      Contact us today for more information and a price quote.



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