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When looking to hire a technology consultant the most important traits to look for is their knowledge & experience.

With over 13 years of experience in the technology field. I possess a wide range of knowledge to put at your disposal. On this page is a simplified list of some of our more commonly requested skills that we offer. If you do not see what you need help with, please feel free to contact us.

Workstation Operating Systems
MacOS (Classic)
Macintosh OS X
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows 3.x
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows Vista
Network Services
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Microsoft IIS
WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service)

Office Software
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Office
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
StarOffice 6 (OpenOffice)
Google Documents
Server Operating Systems
Windows NT 4
Windows 2000
Macintosh (Classic)

Wireless Networking
2.4 Ghz

Networking Protocols
Network Implementation
Technology Evaluation
Technology Research
PC Noise Reduction

We have been awarded multiple manufactures certifications. We are constantly adding to our knowledge to help our clients. Below is a list of our most recent certifications.

Partial Certification List
ATX V.1 Certification
Wireless Technology
 Soft Skills Certification
 Customer Experince v2.5
 Point of Sale/Retail System
 On-site troubleshooting using the Power Tester
 Customer Handling Skills
 Managed Deployment Tech Lead
 Tv 101 Certification
 W4200 Plasma tv Certification
 EMC CX3-20,40,80
 EMC CX400
 EMC CX600 xPE
 EMC AX100
 EMC AX100i
 EMC CX4 Series Certification
 EMC Mcdata 4400 & 4700
 Inspiron 910
 Latitude XT2 - Acknowledgement
 Latitude E4300/E4200 - Acknowledgement
 Optiplex 960 - Acknowledgement
 OptiPlex FX160
 PowerConnect 2708/2716/2724
 PowerConnect 3324/3348
 PowerConnect 3248 & 5212/5224
 PowerConnect 3424/3448
 PowerConnect 6024/6024F
 PowerConnect 6224 / 6248
 PowerVault 132T LTO
 PowerVault 7XX NAS
 PowerVault 110T All Technologies
 PowerVault 112T To 124T
 PowerVault MD 1000
 PowerVault MD 3000
 PowerVault 136T LTO Library
 PowerVault RD 1000
 PowerVault NX 1950
 PowerVault 130T
 Precision M6400 - Acknowledgement
 P1500 Printer
  1600n Printer
 1700/1700n Printer
 1720 / 1720dn Printer
 1815N Printer
 2130cn Printer
 2135cn Printer
 2330d and 2330dn Printer
 2335dn Mono Laser Printer
 3100cn Printer
 3110cn Printer
 3115cn Printer
 S2500 Printer
 5100cn Printer
 5210n/5310n Printer
 M5200n Printer
 5330dn Printer
 Studio 1555 - Acknowledgement
 uSFF v.3 Chassis
 Vostro 220/220S
 Vostro 420 - Acknowledgement
 Vostro A840 Acknowledgement
 Vostro 1310
 XPS 730X

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