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On this page we have listed the companies that we have partnered with. We will work with any technology product from any company, but by partnering with these companies it allows us to have access to products and special training. If you would like more information about any of these products or programs, please contact us.

Dell Inc.
Digital Wisdom LLC is proud to announce today that we have been chosen as the newest Dell registered partner. Our new status will allow us to access the latest in certification and technical training for our technicians, so that we can bring our customers the cutting edge of technology.

Through this program we expect to be able to offer our clients more types of technology to choose from, with the personal touch of dealing directly with our technology professionals who can design a custom solution that fits their needs.

Through our new partnership with Dell we will also be able to offer the ability for extended financing for qualified purchases allowing our business customers to purchase the technology they need to run their business when they need it.

For more information or to setup an appointment to go over your needs. Please contact us today.

We are an authorized reseller of Diskeeper software, including their best selling program Diskeeper. If you are unaware of this program and its benefits please look at the multimedia tour for more information.

1&1 Web Hosting
We have affiliated with 1&1 to provide our customers with great web hosting at a great price. 1&1 has been our host for this website and some of our clients for years so when the affliate program was offered it was a logical choice. Visit their website for more information.

Partnering with Microsoft is a natural fit for any computer service company due to their market dominance in the operating system market. By partnering it allows us to stay up to date with the latest on Microsoft products, and access to technical support resources to better server you.

We are an authorized dealer of Lexmark products. One of the main benefits to our customers is access to demo equipment so that you can try before you buy.

One of our first programs was with HP, due to their wide selection of products and services they make available. Why does this matter to you? By partnering together it allows us access to training and certification resources.

Nobilis computer systems we offer custom built and ready to ship computers from nobilis the largest "white box" system builder, in business for more than 17 years. This partnership allows us to offer best in class performance with better warranties than most builders at a price that is competitive to say the least. Since these systems are from a trusted manufacturer, repairs can happen faster and will cost you less. Call us today for a free system needs evaluation and price quote or you can customize your own computer in our online store 24 hours a day.

We are an authorized dealer of Brother products. For pricing and availability information please contact us.

Disc Makers a leader in the media replication industry, CD/DVD replication; through our partnership we can prepare your project for replication. Benefits include a $25 rebate to new customers, a free plaque to honor your production and a handy guide to releasing a movie on DVD. Contact us today for more information and a welcome kit.

For over 12 years Wasp has been manufacturing bar code related equipment including printers, scanners, Point of Sale systems, asset tracking, and time and attendance systems. We can customize a plan to your needs and follow it through to implementation.

Hard drive crash? Need your data? We can save it!
Digital Wisdom, LLC is an authorized partner in DriveSavers' Reseller Program. Mention our Reseller ID#DS15076 and receive a discount on your data recovery! They will also waive the $200 dollar attempt fee for all jobs.

DriveSavers has specialized in recovering lost data for almost 20 years and has a success rate over 90%. The company recovers data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and storage media including hard drives, floppies, CD-ROM, removable and magneto-optical cartridges. DriveSavers is authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. They are known worldwide as the most trusted and respected company in the industry.
Visit their web site at www.drivesavers.com to learn more or...Call DriveSavers today to receive an immediate estimate: 800-440-1904

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