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Digital Wisdom LLC adds latest in a series of certifications.
Digital wisdom LLC announces the completion of the Dell Precision™ M6400. With the completion of this certification we will be authorized to diagnose equipment problems and service the printer by replace any malfunctioning parts. The following skills are required to successfully complete this certification.

Given the information from this course and available tools; the students will be able to:

Identify and list the features of the Dell Precision™ M6400.
Examine the current features of the Dell Precision™ M6400 and compare these to other similar system types.
Determine how the Dell Precision™ M6400 is marketed by examining the "Product Overview" page.
Demonstrate through lab activity how to install and configure hardware peripherals and drivers according to current support policies.
Explain to a customer the root cause of an issue and the proper procedures that will guide a customer through a troubleshooting process to resolve the issue.
Create a plan of action based on what you have learned in the Dell Precision™ M6400 course to resolve a customer's issue.
Implement the plan to troubleshoot and resolve a customer's issues.

Precision M6400
The Dell Precision™ M6400 will replace the Precision M6300 and will be optimized for maximum performance, scalability, 17" Wide display and E-Docking. M6400 will mark the first time that a Precision mobile product has had a unique, non-leveraged chassis, which will allow the program to focus on delivering the ultimate performance and industrial design, without leverage driven compromises.

Dell Precision™ M6400 will target workstation customers who are looking for a mobile workstation suitable for replacing Desktop Workstations by providing leadership notebook performance in all primary system components- notably CPU performance, graphics performance, maximum system memory, and fastest/ highest capability hard drives. Dell Precision™ M6400 is expected to provide improved processor and graphics performance, RAID capability, key relationship features, and E-docking capability.

About Digital Wisdom LLC
Founded in 2003, Digital Wisdom LLC has been providing the Riverbend area with technology services ever since. Having over thirteen years of experience with troubling technology problems you can trust us with your most important problems. We can be reached at (618) 467-0812 or help@digital-wisdom.com.


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