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Digital Wisdom LLC adds latest in a series of certifications.
Digital wisdom LLC announces the completion of the Dell Ax100 certification. With the completion of this certification we will be authorized to diagnose equipment problems and service the equipment by replacing any malfunctioning parts. The following skills are required to successfully complete this certification.

Identify the features of the Dell|EMC AX100.
Identify installation and configuration processes for the Dell|EMC AX100 according to current support policies.
Identify proper cabling procedures for the Dell|EMC AX100.
Identify troubleshooting procedures for the Dell|EMC AX100.
Install and configure the Dell|EMC AX100 in a customer's environment.

Product Overview

The AX100 is a rack-mountable storage system enclosure, 3.5 inches (2U) high, that contains three to twelve Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk drives. It uses a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) or Fibre Channel Switch (FC-SW) as its interconnect interface to host servers, and Navisphere® Express software to manage the AX100 from any qualified host on a shared Ethernet LAN. Sophisticated RAID (redundant array of independent disk) technology and data caching prevent data loss in case of component failure. Redundant hardware options provide levels of high availability usually restricted to much larger higher end storage systems.


About Digital Wisdom LLC
Founded in 2003, Digital Wisdom LLC has been providing the Riverbend area with technology services ever since. Having over thirteen years of experience with troubling technology problems you can trust us with your most important problems. We can be reached at (618) 467-0812 or help@digital-wisdom.com.


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