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Digital Wisdom LLC adds latest in a series of certifications.
Digital wisdom LLC announces the completion of the Dell Latitude E4300/E4200 - Acknowledgement. The objectives of this certification are listed below, followed by the CX400 product information.

Identify and list the features of the Latitude™ E4300/E4200.
Examine the current features of the Latitude™ E4300/E4200 and compare these to other similar system types.
Determine how the Latitude™ E4300/E4200 is marketed by examining the "Product Overview" page.
Demonstrate through lab activity how to install and configure hardware peripherals and drivers according to current support policies.
Explain to a customer the root cause of an issue and the proper procedures that will guide a customer through a troubleshooting process to resolve the issue.
Create a plan of action based on what you have learned in the Latitude™ E4300/E4200 course to resolve a customer's issue.
Implement the plan to troubleshoot and resolve a customer's issues.

Latitude™ E4300 is Latitude's Ultra-Light platform within the E-Family portfolio replacing the D430. It complements the E4200 in the ultra-mobile space by adding additional capability while maintaining a small footprint and light weight.

The Latitude™ E4200 is Latitude's Ultra-Light platform within the E-Family portfolio replacing the D430. It is promoted as Latitude's statement of technological capabilities for the corporate traveler.

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