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Digital Wisdom LLC adds latest in a series of certifications.
Digital wisdom LLC announces the completion of the Dell/EMC CX600 & CX700 certification. The objectives of this certification are listed below, followed by the CX600 & CX700 product information.

Identify the features of the CX600 & CX700.
Identify installation and configuration processes for the CX700 according to current support policies.
Identify proper cabling procedures for the CX600.& CX700
Identify troubleshooting procedures for the CX600 & CX700.


Chameleon II will become the new Dell flagship enterprise storage array with full 2Gb front-end and back-end Fibre Channel connectivity. It will deliver competitive bandwidth and superior IOPS performance in the fast growing enterprise SAN/DAS storage market segment. Chameleon II will continue to maintain the Dell | EMC scalable building block architecture, with small footprint, high availability, and superior data integrity features. Chameleon II is a flexible storage solution designed to offer NAS, SAN and DAS storage solutions from the same base architecture offering customers unequaled flexibility. The complete Chameleon II storage solution consists of 2Gb Fibre Channel implementations of the following field replaceable units:

4U rack-mountable Processor Enclosure with no disk drive capacity
3U rack-mountable Disk Array Enclosure with 15-disk drive capacity (Katana)
Hot-swappable storage processors with up to 4G byte of cache memory per SP (Chameleon II)
Hot-swappable 1" low profile 2Gbps disk drives (18GB, 36GB, 73GB and beyond at RTS)
Hot-swappable power supplies
Hot-swappable fan pack assemblies
Hot-swappable Link Controller Cards
Hot-swappable Stand-by Power Supplies (SPS)


The CX700 is the follow-on product to the CX600 high-end array and is the highest capacity and performance oriented Dell | EMC array. Continuing with the CX-Series common components and modular building block approach, the CX700 supports all of the same connectivity and software features of the CX600 in an improved performance and higher capacity hardware platform.

The CX700 leverages the architecture from the CX600 (the 4U SPE and the 3U DAE2's for disk expansion), and supports up to 16 DAE2's (or DAE2-ATA's) while introducing a new embedded Operating System on the DAE2-OS based on Windows XP. The CX700 can support a total of 240 drives, for a scalability of over 35TB with 146Gb FC Drives, or around 76TB with ATA drives.

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